" Filled with gratitude, love, and sexiness! Amazed at my body!"

A. H., Los Angeles

You've tried to talk and think your way into feeling more alive and turned on in your body, relationships, and life. But healing and empowerment don't work that way. We must connect with our bodies as women to feel whole, worthy, and deeply satisfied in the bedroom and beyond.

Are you ready to put your attention on the one thing that could change everything else for the better? And feel more playful and satisfied along the way?

In my own life and in the lives of the countless women I’ve worked with, I see again and again how pleasure ties into how powerful and fulfilled we feel in our lives. How much love we’re able to feel for ourselves, attract, and let in. Often women come to work with me after years of talk therapy having a thorough cognitive understanding of their “stories” but still feeling stuck in them. They feel disconnected from their bodies and sexuality. Unclear on their own wants and needs or how to express them effectively. Wanting deeper intimacy in their relationships or struggling with motherhood. Or just feeling “bleh” and sensing there’s so much more available within them. For all of this, the body is the starting place.

"I feel a real sense of sensuality and really inhabiting my body. I feel a much better sense of my physical body and space. This is reflected in my interactions with others. It's even very visible in a photograph compared to several years ago."

T.O., San Francisco, CA

The BODY Journey is made up of 21 simple daily experiences. Each day you'll be guided through brief prompts and practices that will help you:

  • Change how you relate to yourself, your partner and children, money, and your work in the world.

  • Soften into more pleasure and sensuality.

  • Enjoy sex and intimacy so much more.

  • Begin to awaken and explore your erotic self and your authentic sexuality.

  • Feel a greater sense of agency in the challenging relationships and situations in your life.

  • Relate to anxiety and overwhelm in a whole new way.

  • Feel radiant, inspired, and resourceful.

"I find myself far more embodied when having sex with my husband - I realized how so often I’m just having sex for him. Recently, I got unexpectedly triggered and I was able to let my husband hold me. And I was more willing to accept his love and compassion. So something is definitely shifting! Just bringing awareness to my own pleasure/sensations has made a huge difference."

Are you ready for more? To feel more sensual, sexy, and confident. To feel more open to life and love.

You have instant + lifetime access to the course materials the moment you purchase the course.


  • How long is the program?

    21 days, but you have all of the course material for life. These practices are ones that me and my clients return to again and again and it is my hope that you will do the same.

  • How much time will I need to devote to this course?

    Each day of the course contains a brief introduction and then a guided audio, ranging from 15 - 30 minutes depending on the day. Since you have the course for life, you can also buy now and work through it at your own pace.

  • Can I change my mind?

    There are no refunds for this course as you will be able to download the audios starting on Day 1 of the course. Please buy responsibly.

  • I have more questions. Where can I reach you?

    You can email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Bonus: Complimentary 1:1 Call (Valued at $388)

Because knowing that you're not alone on any journey makes all the difference in how far you get and how good you feel along the way there.

  • I'm including one complimentary individual coaching session for each BODY Journey participant within 30 days of purchase.

    This call will give you the chance to share what you're noticing and get individualized support around whatever you choose. This will be a game-changer in your experience of this course and your body and sexuality.